Select your solution

TTE is a modular solution

TTE can by means of its modular setup be adapted optimally to the different tasks and actualities of all users. According to the scope of services of the solution as well as to the integration into an existing software environment between 3 TTE-base-systems can be selected.

  • TTE-Online: Comfortable, demand oriented work in internet with minimum costs and immediate availability..
  • TTE-Enterprise: Highest possible adaptability and freedom of choice in own house.
  • TTE-Small Business: Standard package for small companies.

Printing of labels from individual items and packaging units according to the EU and FEEM standards.
Administrating an arbitrary number of printers, layouts and standard texts.

Storage of data with highest security in certified data centers.
Possibility of online inquiries on legally required data by competent authority after release by user.
Archiving for a minimum of 10 years

TTE- software is preinstalled on mobile devices, ATEX compliant devices are available.
Possibility for online and offline processing.

Standard systems for data Exchange for all companies.
Easy and fast data transfer from supplier to recipient.
Most modern security standards and encoding.

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