Solution TTE

What is TTE solution?

Information about the EU- directive 2008/43/EC and 2012/4/EU

Identification directives belong to a number of actions made by the EU against the terrorism. Its objective is the unique identification and the continuous traceability of explosives for civil use, throughout the supply chain in order to provide efficient support to the police authorities.

         What obliges the UE identification directive?

  • Securing the unique identification of explosives in the EU by manufacturers and importers.
  • Guaranteeing a continuous and real-time collection of all required information.
  • Securing the traceability of any set of items containing explosives.
  • Provide all relevant information to the competent authorities, during 24 hours, 7 days a week.
  • Archiving data for a minimum period of 10 year.

How does the TTE solutions helps to implement the Directive?

  • Creating the unique identification codes for all individual items and packaging units through TTE- Printing.
  • Printing labels for small order-related quantities as well as for considerable print orders, according to the EU directives and the FEEM guidelines.
  • Minimize significantly the time required for registration and improve efficiency in the control of inputs and outputs of all supplies making less scanned.
  • Enabling a guaranteed information ability to competent authorities, also without personal availability.
  • Secure data archiving for 10 years in the TTE- Webarchive or in the local systems.
  • Easy, secure and fast data transfer all along the supply chain by TTE- Trustcenter.


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